The Seaport’s “uplands” are located between Water and South Streets and Burling Slip (John Street) and Beekman Street. This mostly cobblestone, pedestrian-only historic district is witnessing community-friendly changes in the redesign of Titantic Park as well as the construction of Imagination Playground. The “uplands” is also a desired location for many free special events throughout the calendar year.

Cultural programming continues to attract all New Yorkers to The Seaport. The uplands and Pier 17 serve as the area’s anchor for the River To River Festival, Seaport Music Festival, Children’s Day in New York City and the holiday season’s “50 foot Singing Chorus Tree.”

In 2008, GGP introduced @SEAPORT!, a 10,000-square-foot exhibition and performance venue for art and cultural events, and home to the popular Seaport Semester program. A multitude of local organizations -- including the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council the Moth Storyshop, the Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra, the Seaport Museum, the Seaport Music Festival, and Trinity Church - continue to present a wide array of activities in the space, including the work of local artists community plays, readings, and private receptions.

Water Taxi Beach came to the neighborhood in summer 2009 with tremendous fanfare. Located on the north side of Pier 17, the seasonal WTB features live events, music, miniature golf and games, a sandy beach, and one of the premier locations to relax and enjoy the iconic views of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York harbor.