Welcome to The New Seaport. In the ever-changing Manhattan landscape, The Seaport stands out as a community anchor providing entertainment, retail and dining for New Yorkers and visitors to alike. For 27 years our venue has held world-class arts and entertainment on the Pier 17 Stage. The Seaport has also been home for a number of up-and-coming presenters of music, dance, and theater, a holiday destination, a community center, and seasonal farmer’s market. Some of these events have been documented over the years by photographers, writers, videograpers, and the media.

TheNewSeaport.com is a resource for you to see this thriving neighborhood’s storied past, present and future potential. Our district averages 60,000 daily visitors who come by foot, bicycle, car, bus and ferry. Use this site as a guide for your visit, and please leave us your comments. We would love to hear from you. By signing up to our newsletter you will receive Seaport specific news about 8 times a year.