Entertaining your dog on the beach

Taking your dog to the beach can be an altogether different experience. There is nothing quite like the feel of sand in the paws, not to mention all the fun there is to be had. The beach really is doggy heaven, lots of space to run, play, swim and even dig. Even dogs that don’t usually partake in digging activities will often find it fun sniffing and digging holes in the sand.

If the beach is busy with other people, then you do need to keep your dog occupied and focused on games with you. Make sure you take a good toy for your dog to play with, that is lightweight and floats. After all, you don’t want the tide to take it away and sink it to the bottom of the ocean. Chuckit have a wide range of outdoor toys that are great for this purpose.  Most of the Chuckit dog toy range is easy to clean, just by running them under water; this will clean off all those little grains of sand.

Besides all the fun, it is important to consider the safety of your dog also. It might be that your dog has never swam before. In this case you need to take caution when he takes his first steps into the sea. The ocean is a lot stronger than a lake and it could take you dog by surprise and cause a panic. Swimming is a really beneficial form of exercise and is gentle on the joints. Don’t just throw the Chuckit Ultra Ball into the water though, not unless your dog is comfortable taking a dip in the sea for a game of fetch.

You may find that your dog takes great fun in letting the waves chase him up the beach. For the first beach outing most dogs will be confused by the water moving up and down the beach, especially if they are standing near the water’s edge and suddenly they get their feet wet. Having your video camera handy will sure make a funny video that you can look back on later.

kick fetch

It’s not all just about the water games; you can have just as much fun on dry land. The Chuckit Kick Fetch is the ideal dog toy for interactive play between you and your dog. You don’t even have to get your hands sandy, just kick the ball for your dog to chase and fetch. You may even find some canine friends to have a proper game of doggy football.

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